Just two hours after I booked a flight home it was cancelled due to Hong Kong not allowing transits through its airport. I spent the morning on the net and eventually found a route home with Qatar airways via Doha to Birmingham leaving on Monday 30th March and arriving on 31st.

Next step in self repatriation was to find somewhere to self isolate for two weeks. I couldn’t return to my Mum’s as she is considered high risk. Tri Club to the rescue. Matt Salmon has provided me with the use of his campervan.

Finally, with Western Australia restricting travel and closing tourist attractions I contemplated how to keep myself occupied for the next week. Livelo bike hire delivered a full carbon road bike with Dura Ace throughout and electronic shifting – better than my bike at home, all for £45 a day.

Thursday; set of at 7.30am, headed for the coast and then along the West Coast highway to North Fremantle. Usually 105km would be OK but temperatures nudging 37° on the way back made it a bit more challenging. I thought I’d taken a wrong turn when I came across the sign below.

I felt a bit jaded on Friday so stayed off the bike a had a gentle jog around the local park.

Saturday’s forecast was for cooler temperatures so I followed a route that the Livelo team had loaded onto the bike computer and headed to the hills. Passed a field full of wild ‘roos and had a great day out.

Joel’s neighbours were in self-isolation after recently returning from New Zealand. They volunteered to cook our dinner, we think they were bored. Following social distancing protocols we collected two bowls of amazing food from their doorstep and two containers of extras for Sunday.

Sunday was a chill-out day. Getting chores done, a visit to the tip and a walk around Perth’s Kings Park.

Monday. Final bike ride before the flight home. I followed the West Coast Highway but went into Fremantle then around the Swan river estuary. Only 25° which is far more manageable. If only cycleways in the UK had these views.

I’ve taken advantage of the great exchange rate and transferred my tour funds into my own Australian bank account. I’ve also put on hold most of my pre-booked trips and campervan hire. All I need to do now is find some work and a place to live in the UK until the crisis is over then re-book stuff and start the tour again. SIMPLES 🙃

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