Always look on the bright side of life

Wednesday 18th afternoon

Lunch on an empty beach in Adelaide, clear blue skies and 35degrees. Can’t complain!

Don from the Tri club had put me in touch with his friend Dave, also know as Div, who took me for a cycle ride around town and into the hills. I rode a borrowed bike and Div woukd get 5stars as a tour guide on TripAdvisor. We rode to the top of Mount Lofty, met some locals (see pic) and descended via a Pub. Coffee and cake on UK rides are OK but a cold beer takes things up a level.

After a night parked in the Outback, Thursday was a driving day. I covered 711km, saw my first triples and realised a high sided camper in strong winds is wobbly! As the exchange rate is so good fuel is about half the price of UK costs.

After an isolated beach run in Ceduna it was time for some road trip admin, foodshop and laundry. Another lunch by the beach and more locals. This time a ray swimming along the shore.

In the afternoon I made the short hop to Fowler’s Bay. A very small settlement at the end of my first gravel road (20km) with no mains water (stored rainwater and some from a borehole in the dunes) or mains electricity (all from solar).

activemigrationaustraliaAfter another beach run, won’t get bored of them, news started to break on Saturday morning that the Australian authorities were considering closing state borders and limiting non-essential travel. I contacted the organisers of my Orca watching trip who said all was OK. I decided to push on West and stopped in the outback near Cocklebiddy for the night. The location can be found on the What3words app; ///purports.fascinated.brokers

What a day Sunday proved to be. It started with this;

It’s a fascinating piece of road. Pretty flat all the way with changes in the roadside vegetation.

I stopped at Norseman and checked messages. Bad news, Orca trip cancelled and lock down measures being imposed. After some consultation with my sister-in-law’s brother, Jools (who lives in Perth) I decided to head to his and take stock. As it was on-route I stopped at the Kalgoorlie super pit, where gold is mined. It is almost 1km deep.

After an overnight stop at Southern Cross I arrived in Perth and dropped my campervan off.

Unfortunately Jools, his mates and I were exposed to a case of Corona . . .

however, I think we should be OK!

Never one to stress about life Tuesday started with clear blue skys, 22degrees at 7.30am and a run around a local park, with a lake in the middle and a tree full of birds. Can anyone identify them for me?

After a Skype call with an Immigration agent it was clear that I couldn’t get a work visa which would have enabled me to stay and wait out the crisis. I’m now booked on a flight home followed by 2 weeks isolation.

How do I feel?

I’m very happy to have started my tour and completed most of the first leg. I’m not upset about changing plans because others are worse off. It is estimated that 1million Australians lost their jobs overnight as restrictions were implemented. For now I will put the tour on hold, come home, isolate, find work and save money. Then, when restrictions are lifted, I’ll return to Perth and resume my tour.

To be continued . . .

One thought on “Always look on the bright side of life

  1. My goodness Doug. I’m so pleased that you at least got to start this and have some amazing memories. Also something to look forward to when you do get to finish what you started. Take care xx


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