Walking along the passageway you go through an opening and into an area with seats across it’s width in a 3-4-3 arrangement. If you didn’t know about the Airbus A380, a double decker jumbo, seeing it’s size for the first time is surprising. Eating dinner, watching a film and sleeping soon make a 12hr flight pass. Stepping into the 30plus heat of Singapore I almost felt like I’d been teleported.

I’d landed in the early evening and had just 24hrs to see some sights. First stop was the hostel to drop of my backpack. I was let in by two English young women who came from in Bishops Stortford! Excellent street food for dinner and a Singapore Sling at Raffles ticked some boxes.

A few hours sleep tackled some of the jet lag and then a session at Swim Smooth Singapore. Seeing the sun come up as I completed the main set in an outdoor 50m pool was epic.

Post swim fuel stop then onto the Botanic Gardens.

These are sounds that I was surprised to hear in the middle of a major city.

My second flight landed in Melbourne only 6hours after take-off at 05.30 Aus time on Wednesday. Sitting on the bus into town it dawned on me that a massive life goal was happening. I WAS IN AUSTRALIA 🙃

I met my first fellow traveller as we tried to find the entrance to our hostel and then spent the day doing a walking tour (yes they are Banksy’s) visiting botanic gardens (not as good as Singapore’s) and the last night of Victoria market’s summer season. The live music . . .

What’s jet lag?

Thursday morning 5.45am, 90minute swim with Melbourne Triathlon Club. For my fellow swimming geeks the main set was 4x(3x negative split 200s). A Rob special for the future? Followed by an invite to breakfast. Superb coffee, muesli and a very warm welcome.

I decided that a bit of pacing was needed. Back to the hostel, did some laundry (no pics of my smalls) and chats with the ‘crew’ about sights to see and things to do. Local knowledge beats social media hands down.


4 thoughts on “Teleportation?

  1. Who was the “Sheila” who gave you such a big smile ????? Pity about the Grand Prix being cancelled.!!
    Take care Love Mum xx


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