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As I considered what I wanted to do with my life, university, travelling and a career all crossed my mind. Australia was at the forefront of my travelling dreams. Some might say I have achieved them all. I have been educated at the university of life. Sometimes lessons were hard, even painful and tested my mental resolve, others made me glow from the inside out. I’ve travelled, not in a planned way, but through work and on holiday, but until now Oz had eluded me. My career meandered along an unconventional path but I ‘ve climbed the corporate ladder, stepped of it a couple of times, however, I have always worked to live. Pretty standard as lives go …

We won’t go into what happened at the start of 2017, however, all you need to know is that it was the first time in my life when my usual positive outlook was challenged to it’s core. However, I picked myself up, brushed myself off and moved on. Australia popped into my head but was just out of reach.

In March 2019 my father, who showed me life was for living, passed away after a short illness. He made me promise I would go to Mallorca for the Cambrige Triathlon Club annual cycling camp. I returned and laid him to rest. Promise fulfilled and thoughts of Australia returned.

In the same week I started a new job as an interim for the NHS. Then, on the 9th May 2019, to quote a friend who described me as “the fittest person I know”, I had a cardiac arrest while running at a race on an old airfield miles from the nearest hospital. It all sounds like something from a script for Casualty, spoiler alert, I survived!

Without wishing to be melodramatic, spending a week in hospital, listening to the monitor beep every one of your heart beats, gives you time to think, I hatched a plan – Australia or bust.

Circumstances have a huge part to play, however, the life lesson is you have to seize opportunities when they present themselves and not over think the consequences. As an interim I could leave the NHS whenever I chose (not being tied to a career path, pension etc). I rent my house so no mortgage to consider. I’m single so can be self centred.

And that’s how I find myself moving out of my house, leaving my job and booked to fly on 8th March.

I have two aims while I am away for the next 3 months;

  • See the natural wonders of Australia
  • Meet true Australians, not just those that are part of the tourist industry

As the title indicates this blog will be an open diary of my journey, the good, the bad and the ugly. Subscribe below and you’ll get entries as and when I make them.


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